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Photo Booth

The What’s Good Photo Booth is now Remembox!

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What’s Good is all about celebrating, sharing, and promoting connection and collaboration across our community. Our sister business, Remembox Photo Booth, does the same on a micro scale: documents the moments when people come together to collaborate, connect, celebrate, and create.

Let us help you celebrate your community event
with Remembox Photo Booth.

The booth is available to rent for your event! It’s kind of a no-brainer: document your event, use the photos on social media to continue to engage your event attendees with your business or brand after the party’s over, all while supporting an awesome new local resource (ahem… us!).

The photo booth turns the traditional photo booth inside out. You gather together, get in front of the booth, tap the screen to start, and strike a pose as the booth counts down! The photos show up instantly on the screen in front of you. Guests can choose to email their photo to themselves for instant delivery. Organizations receive all the photos after their event. For information about renting the booth, please check out and fill out the contact form there.

We’ve already celebrated with Wide Awake Bakery, Ithaca Beer Company, Downtown Ithaca Alliance, and Rasa Spa. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Looking for photos from one of our recent events?



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